We will be offering a free webinar series starting May 18, 2020 to get user feedback on our new platform. This is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of text analysis and try our new learning environment firsthand.

Week Day Topic / Notebook Approximate Length
Week 1 Monday (5/18/20) Why Learn Text Mining? 45 minutes
Wednesday (5/20/20) Python Basics I 75 minutes
Week 2 Tuesday (5/26/20) Python Basics II 75 minutes
Thursday (5/28/20) Python Basics III 75 minutes
Week 3 Monday (6/1/20) Exploring Metadata 60 minutes
Wednesday (6/3/20) Exploring Word Frequencies 60 minutes
Week 4 Monday(6/8/20) Significant Terms (TF-IDF) 60 minutes
Wednesday (6/10/20) Topic Modeling (LDA) 60 minutes

**Registration is now closed** Please join our email list for information on when the next session will run.